It’s seamless, easy and stressless working with Advance Recruitment!

At the time we were doing a recruitment drive and the lead from the recruitment panel had worked with Advance Recruitment previously and had very good things to say about their calibre of candidates and the professionalism in which they conducted business. This was what made us choose Advance Recruitment. What made us stay, and what made me recommend them to everyone I work with, was how they handled a specific recruitment issue what was sensitive. In any other situation we could have lost the potential candidate, but Liv ensured our relationship with the candidate remained positive and 12 months later, the candidate was placed.

I cannot emphasise enough that with Advance Recruitment, we would not have secured the candidate. Their professionalism and commitment is really unmatched in my experience. The most significant benefits to working with Advance is the easy access, open and transparent communication and trust. We are still in an employees market, where the number of potential candidates is so high that it is challenging to determine who is the best fit. We have hired a number of candidates from Advance Recruitment and they have all been successful candidates that fit our company culture. This is a testament to the efforts Advance put into understanding their customers, what’s important to them and shortlisting only the most suitable candidates.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is of huge importance to us as a company and this is well reflected in Advance's efforts.  It’s seamless, easy and stressless working with Advance Recruitment! They went the extra mile for us with the candidate mentioned above - if I was the candidate, I don’t think I would have stayed as interested in the role, due to the length of time it took to close. I genuinely believe the way Advance managed the situation sensitively, closely and honestly had a direct impact on the result. Over a 12 month period, they stayed in touch and well informed.

I actively have and will continue to recommend Advance to my colleagues. I have worked with many recruitment agencies in my career and I will always use Advance Recruitment.

Sunny Sohal, UK Strategic Business Development Manager - Teleflex