Its a 10/10 from me!

I had come across Advance Recruitment several months ago as I had been receiving useful content, not just around hiring the right talent but also about more generic leadership including employee retention and sales growth planning etc.  I wasn’t getting any of the do you have any vacancies that we can assist you with’ type of communications, and it made me think that this is a company that will go the extra mile. This persuaded me to give them a go and not go down my usual path of using the same recruitment agencies.

Liv really listened to what I had to say during our initial contact and briefing call - we’re a smaller company and it was important that we hire the right type of person who would not only fit in but also thrive in the unique environment we have at our company.

It’s a pleasure to work with Advance. I let the team get on with their job to find me suitable candidates and also help with the communications and logistics throughout the interview process. I didn’t feel any pressure from the team. Some recruiters are overly eager to push candidates and constantly chasing me for updates. This can be annoying.

They worked hard to search for potential employees for us. This saved me a lot of time and the 3 candidates provided to me were all of good quality and fitted the brief that I had provided. This saved me a lot of time - of which is very limited!

Liv Riley-Royce managed the recruitment process. She was extremely professional in her manner, listened (very important), clear in her communications and overall a pleasure to work with. This was the easiest recruitment process I’ve been through (I’ve been through many!). 

I would absolutely recommend Advance Recruitment for hiring new talent. They clearly have a good network of connections to good people and are very easy to work with. It’s a 10/10 from me. 

Spencer Martin, Business Manager - Medtrum