It was 1997, Tony Blair was Prime Minister, Dolly the Sheep had just been cloned, Oasis was about to release their third album, and Liam and Noel were still speaking! This was a time well before PCGs, CCGs, and NICE!

A lot of recruitment agencies back then, had somewhat shady practices. There were often aggressive sales techniques, with little thought to the customer or building long-term partnerships.

Advance Recruitment was born of a desire to do recruitment in a better way.  We wanted a recruitment business that really understood our customer’s problems, and allowed us to use our expertise in the medical sales sector to provide them with recruitment solutions that met their business challenges. One which wasn’t about putting “bums on seats” but which built enduring business relationships based on integrity, where consultants worked in partnership with their clients and candidates to ensure the best possible outcomes for them.

From emerging as one of the first medical sales recruitment agencies, Advance has gone from strength to strength, but we’ve never deviated from the same philosophy.

During our time in business, we’ve supported our customers through several reorganisations of the NHS, and have weathered recessions together.

We’ve worked with start-up companies new to the UK, have helped companies launch cutting-edge healthcare products and blockbuster drugs which have changed patients’ lives, and as healthcare solutions have continued to evolve, we find ourselves increasingly working on recruitment projects for digital health companies and service providers which are supporting the NHS 10 year plan.

People are at the heart of everything that we do. We understand that the success of the medtech industry relies on exceptional individuals who possess both expertise and a genuine passion for making a difference. Through our tailored recruitment process, we strive to identify these exceptional talents and match them with organisations that align with their goals and values.

As experts in the field, we stay ahead of the ever evolving medtech landscape. Our deep industry knowledge allows us to not only identify the most sought after skills, but also to understand the intricate needs and challenges faced by healthcare organisations. By leveraging our expertise, we provide valuable insights and guidance to both our clients and candidates ensuring a seamless and successful recruitment journey for all. 

Kindness forms the core of our interactions and relationships. We believe that every individual, whether seeking a career opportunity or looking to build a world class medical sales team, deserves to be treated with empathy, respect and genuine care.

We are there at every step of our candidates career journey, from helping them gain their first foot hold in the medtech industry to supporting their careers into senior leadership and executive level roles. We aren’t just about getting them a job, we help them build the careers they want; whatever that may look like. Everyone’s journey is different and we support that.