Advance-d Talent

Are you a medtech leader looking to appoint any of the following hires?

  • Critical or strategic
  • Senior
  • Confidential - maybe you don’t want competitors or others within the business to know about the hire
  • Niche skillset
  • Difficult location
  • Urgent
  • Aged requirements – you’ve been trying to hire, but your current recruitment process has proved fruitless
  • Unknown market
  • New team builds

If your current or upcoming recruitment projects fall into any of the above categories, or your current recruitment process isn’t delivering the results you want, engaging our Advance-d Talent Solution is the best recruitment option.

By choosing this solution you benefit from a rigorous head hunting process, which gives you access to ALL the potential talent available in the medical sales marketplace. This includes the high performing passive talent pool. Traditional, contingent success only recruitment techniques just don’t give the same coverage of the talent pool.

By working in a retained, exclusive partnership, you have access to our dedicated specialist delivery team, who work with you until you get a result.

Speed, accuracy and completion is guaranteed.

You receive intelligence on live salary data, so you know exactly what the market is paying for a similar level role, and what you’ll need to pay to secure a successful hire.

The clarity and consistency of your brand is paramount and often overlooked during the recruitment process. Working in an exclusive, partnership with us, allows you to have control over how your brand and EVP are represented.

If you’ve always used a multiple agency, contingent model, where agencies are paid on a success only basis, and are interested in learning more about the benefits of using an exclusive, retained partnership, check out our recent report on the subject.

If you’d like to learn more about our Advance-d Talent Solution, or have a chat about any of the recruitment challenges you’re facing and how we can help please drop us an email or call Liv on 0161 969 9700 or email

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