Typical Job Description

Medical sales representatives are the key contacts between the pharmaceutical company and the medical profession.

At its very core the role is to advertise, market and distribute a specific pharmaceutical product to relevant medical establishments such as hospitals, CCGs and general practices.

You will be based in your own geographical location, either working alone or in a small team. This will be known as your “territory area” in which you will work within, usually specialising in a particular product or medical area.

Typical job activities

The job is far from a retail position and the amount of responsibilities placed upon you are often more arduous than people might think. In any setting the process of selling involves contacting potential customers, identifying their needs, and persuading them that your products or services can satisfy those needs.

You are expected to arrange appointments with clinical staff (at all levels including Consultants and Nurses) and procurement personnel, in which you will make a presentation on a one-on-one basis or to a small group. You will also be expected to organise conferences and group events for healthcare professionals on a regular basis.

All sales representative job positions will require you to have excellent people skills as you’ll be expected to build and maintain positive working relationships with medical staff and supporting administration staff.

Work environment and hours

Sales reps are usually based either at home or in an office; however you’ll spend most of the time on the road meeting clients within your territory area. This may require some nights spent away from home, either to see clients or attend conferences.

A typical job description for any representative career will suggest the job typically includes working regular extra hours and some days will be long mainly due to the amount of travelling involved.

There are also many perks as many companies offer a range of incentives and benefits such as a company car, private health insurance, holidays abroad and a company laptop and phone.


Your employer will usually provide a range of training in sales skills, together with detailed training in how to sell their unique products and therapy area. Alternatively they will use the services offered by the Advance Academy.


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