The rapport and trust you have built with me, has made you my ‘go to’ when it comes to recruiting for my team

How did you discover Advance – what specific talent problem were you looking to solve?

Arthrex is a leading company for sports medicine & specialist orthopaedics and really differentiates itself from our competitors through its fast innovation as well as technical expertise.

As a result we have a high expectation of the people we employ to ensure they are in line with our company values and meet these high standards. This does make recruiting and finding ‘the right candidate’ that more challenging!

When I joined Arthrex 4 years ago, the sales team was very homogeneous and lacked diversity particularly with gender and ethnicity.

As a leadership team we wanted to create a more diverse, better rounded and inclusive culture and salesforce of high performing individuals.

It was Amy, our HR Manager who put me in touch with Advance Recruitment.

What made you initially choose to work with us, and what has influenced you to continue the relationship?

I believe part of cause for the lack of diversity was down to the company using the same couple of recruiters for years, so I was open to try and work with new recruiters who understood what we were trying to achieve and why.

In my experience, most recruiters these days are pretty good at asking the type of candidates I’m looking for.

However the difference comes in actually delivering on this as well as how hard they work to seek out the candidates we’re looking for.

On the whole I’ve been impressed by the quality of candidates you have put forward – they have all been well considered and generally matched the criteria we are looking for as described above.

I appreciate its been a challenging time finding suitable candidates however you have also generally performed better than your competitors in the number of candidates you’ve put forward.

These 2 reasons, plus the rapport and trust you have built with me, has made you my ‘go to’ when it comes to recruiting for my team as well as recommending to the wider company.

What have been the most significant benefits you have received from working with us?

More diverse pool of quality candidates have been put through for interview.

How has Advance and our services helped you reach your talent attraction and team goals?

It is still early days but so far so good!

What is it like to work with me?

Your calm but friendly demeanour means its easy to get along with you.

You’re a good listener and are very good at picking up on my needs and requirements as shown by the candidate you have put through.

Along with your integrity, I find you to be open, honest to work with which I really appreciate.

You also seem to show an appreciation for peoples time (by not sending totally irrelevant candidates through) and are not pushy which are other reasons why I enjoy working with you. 

How willing would you be to recommend colleagues and people you know to work with us?

Very much so and already have recommended to the other RSM’s I work with.

Keep up the great work!

About Arthrex:

Arthrex is a global medical device company and leader in new product development and medical education in orthopaedics. With a corporate mission of helping surgeons treat their patients better, Arthrex has pioneered the field of arthroscopy and developed more than 11,000 innovative products and surgical procedures to advance minimally invasive orthopaedics worldwide.
Mike Lee, Regional Sales Manager – Arthrex