Advance Recruitment is the best agency I have worked with

I first came across Advance Recruitment when I graduated from University and was looking for a grad job. Liv really helped to get me a few interviews and although my first role was not landed through Advance Recruitment they had always been very helpful with everything.

I had been in touch with Advance Recruitment for the last few years now and Karen has always taken her time out to give me a call every now and then to check up on me, even when I wasn’t open to new opportunities. The reason why I had always maintained close contact with Karen at Advance Recruitment was because she never tried to push anything my way that I wasn’t interested in, in fact she always looked to tailor opportunities towards my skill set. Advance Recruitment are not pushy like other recruitment agencies. They are happy to listen and understand what your situation is.

Advance Recruitment always put my own requirements first, and did well to help show me where I stood in the wider medical sales industry in terms of value, which is something I feel everyone should always have a good representation of.

They have recently helped me make the step up from a Clinical Specialist to a Sales position which is something that I felt was necessary for my own personal growth.

Advance Recruitment helped me much more than I could have expected in my interview process. In the past other agencies tend to leave you to yourself after the interview has been confirmed, whilst Karen really engaged with me throughout the entire process which really helped me successfully get an offer.

Within medical sales, Advance Recruitment is the best agency I have worked with and I have already recommended it to contacts I know within the industry.

Zakaa Rana, Surgical Product Specialist - Heraeus