Professional, bright and helpful, a true pleasure to work with

How did you discover Advance Recruitment - what specific career problem were you looking to solve? I needed  a change and new work culture which I was was able to secure through Liv

What made you initially choose to work with Advance Recruitment, and what has influenced you to continue the relationship? Nice people who were open to listening and helped secure my new role

What have been the most significant benefits you have received from working with Advance Recruitment? Just a better working culture 

How has Advance Recruitmentand our services helped you reach your career goals? Better work culture and more opportunities with my new role

What is it like to work with Liv? Professional, bright and helpful, a true pleasure to work with.

What is an example of how I, or we,went “the extra mile” to serve you? You listened and understood what I was looking for and found the correct match.

How willing would you be to recommend colleagues and people you know to work with Advance Recruitment? I already have! And will most likely recommend you again 

Sophia Ahmed, Territory Manager - Laborie