Pharmaceutical jobs

A pharma sales job is much more than just sales. While selling is of course the main aim, the ways in which you do it will vary based on the situation you are in, and what you are selling. The products are of varied type, and are sold to a wide variety of customers in different medical institutions. One day you could be in a GPs surgery, the next in a Hospital or Primary Care Trust selling completely different types of drugs. You will need to be able to come up with a strategy for each of these.

Benefits of the Role

It can be very difficult to find employment in the pharmaceutical sales industry in the UK or Europe because not only is it one of the most prestigious arms of the medical industry; it is also one of the most highly-paid of all sales jobs. So the financial rewards for being successful are very lucrative.

How to go about finding pharmaceutical sales jobs

Once you have decided to pursue a career in the pharmaceutical industry, you may need to smarten up your CV and emphasise the skills you have that will showcase your ability to succeed in the role. What you need to get across is the following:

  • Let prospective employers know that you are self-motivated, hard working and unafraid of long hours

  • That you are friendly and outgoing, but assertive when necessary

  • You are a creative thinker – that you could think up ways to get crucial meetings with doctors who usually do not like to see sales reps.

  • An ability to get results even if under high pressure.

How We Can Help You

Competition is always fierce and you will have to work hard to set yourself above the other applicants. Advance Recruitment can help – we have many years experience and knowledge of recruiting in the pharmaceutical sales industry, and we can help match your skills with the latest and most suitable vacancies in the field.

Getting your CV seen by the right people is the first hurdle, but we will go beyond that and work with you to understand your strengths and weaknesses, and to put you forward for the right job with the pharma company whose culture and expectations will best suit you.

When we find a vacancy that we think will suit you, we will be your biggest advocate to get you that first interview and to get you a good offer.

Interview Advice

Advance Recruitment can give you lots of practical advice and information on being interviewed for pharmaceutical sales jobs, such as:

  • Preparation – research the industry thoroughly, as well as the company you are interviewing for and any major competitors.

  • Questions – based on your research make sure that you prepare a list of questions to ask about the role, company, job and anything else you feel necessary.

  • Don’t worry – we will be on hand to answer any questions before the interview as we are experts in the industry, and keep a close relationship with our clients, so we know all about their companies and the industry they operate in.

Contact Advance Recruitment

If you like a challenge, enjoy working in sales and want to be involved in an industry dedicated to healing sick people and improving the quality of people’s lives while making a great living, then send your CV to Advance Recruitment today. We will get in touch with the latest pharmaceutical sales jobs available in the UK.

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