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Earning potential in medical sales

What sort of salary can I earn in medical sales?

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One of the questions we get asked the most here at Advance Recruitment is “what is the average medical sales salary? How much could I earn?” Well the answer is that it varies hugely. On a basic level, the average salary for an experienced medical sales rep, pharmaceutical rep or healthcare rep is around £35k per year, plus car (or car allowance), pension etc. There is also commission, which of course is based on the number of sales made. This means that the earning potential is a lot higher than the basic

This is simply at a regular level, not too junior and not too senior. The salary ranges are different depending on how experienced you are. wage.


As a trainee you will be on a lower basic wage of course. As a trainee or graduate you can be expecting to earn a basic wage between £18–25k per year, plus benefits package (including car). However as you will not be making as many sales, the commission will not be that high until you are able to go off on your own when you have some more experience.

Senior Level

As you get to a more senior level and move into management, either at sales manager level or moving into the marketing team, you could expect this salary to increase significantly as you get given more and more responsibility. You may also get bigger bonuses based on performance and better benefits.

So in answer to the question you are all asking, the earning potential including commission for those in such a role can be very high, and with great benefits!


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