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    Medical Sales Jobs across the UK

    Medical sales covers a number of different areas including medical devices, medical marketing and pharmaceuticals.

    But do you know the difference between these categories?

    Medical Device Sales

    Medical device sales roles differ from pharmaceuticals: medical devices are sold to hospitals or local healthcare communities. A medical device is a tangible product (as opposed to selling a service or pharmaceuticals) which can range from disposables such as wound care, swabs etc. to high end capital products such as MRI equipment. The number of products in your portfolio can range from a wide range of accessories and consumables, or you may specialise in one particular area (e.g. spinal implants).

    Being a medical sales rep does not just stop once the product has been sold. Many roles involve training, presentations and demonstrations. This can involve being in cardiac surgery for example, standing alongside the surgeon, demonstrating how exactly your product is used. Many wound and continence products are sold to community teams, so you will have to build relationships with district/practice nurses, nurse advisors etc. in order to sell and then demonstrate your product.

    Medical sales jobs can be very high pressured and will involve targets (whether it be number of products sold, orders signed, customers met). Medical sales can be very rewarding for those dedicated, target-driven and highly motivated to succeed.

    If you are a graduate looking for your first medical sales job, there are some things to try before applying:

    • Shadow an existing medical sales representative to gain valuable experience and see if the role is for you.
    • Keep abreast of all the latest changes in the industry and its products.
    • Join some networking groups and build relationships (LinkedIn is a great site to do this).
    • Some experience of sales even if not in the medical field would be helpful – show that you can negotiate and close a sale.

    There are a range of resources that can assist candidates with their applications across our website.  In the first instance give us a call, we can help to assess your suitability for a medical sales job and support you in the application process to ensure you are matched to the best role.

    Medical Marketing

    Marketing is a fast paced world, but unlike a medical sales representative, most medical marketing staff will be office based – apart from visits to conferences or courses.  The marketing department will be supporting the sales representative by providing great sales materials and product POS material.

    To get into medical marketing, some experience in a medical field is required for a thorough understanding of the products, their features and benefits.  A CIM qualification or a (marketing) degree is always more attractive for an employer.

    Some of the tasks may include:

    • Branding collateral
    • Product/brand management
    • Advertising
    • Digital marketing
    • Market research
    • Website management
    • Direct marketing

    There are often positions in junior roles (Marketing Assistants) available for those starting out in marketing. Sometimes people may make the transition from a medical sales rep role to the marketing department, although this would often occur ‘in-house’.


    Pharmaceutical candidates can come from a range sectors:

    The main aim of the role is to make sales of pharmaceutical drugs to clients. These may be existing clients but you will also be tasked with generating new income. The job will involve highlighting the benefits and appropriate use of the drug. You will often start in a primary care setting, selling to GPs, before moving on to a secondary care (or Hospital Specialist) role where your portfolio will become more niche and you will be selling to key staff within hospitals. Candidates will need to be self-motivated, confident and possess good commercial/business awareness. As a pharmaceutical sales rep, you will have to take the ABPI exam.

    Search for Medical Sales Vacancies with Advance Recruitment

    Looking for medical sales jobs? Interested in employment within the healthcare sales representative field? Then let our expert team here at Advance Recruitment help you to find the medical sales job which suits your skills, experience and help guide you along your chosen career path. We specialise in recruiting professionals throughout the UK, providing services to healthcare and ethical pharmaceutical companies, and our focus is always on finding the best fit between companies and candidate.

    The consultants in the business have a very long tenure which means that we not only are we extremely knowledgeable about our sector, but we have built up a huge network of candidates over the years.

    We take great pride on doing the best possible job for both candidates and clients alike, and consistently receive extremely positive feedback from our customers. We recruit for all levels of staff within our sector from Nurse Advisors and Medical Sales Reps, to Managers and Sales & Marketing Directors. When we work for our customers, we do so on the basis that it’s not just what we do for you now, but also how we can work with you in the future.

    If you are looking to apply for a medical sales job in the UK or Ireland then search using the box above, or send us your CV today and let us bring details of the perfect medical sales job right to your inbox. You can also sign up for job alerts so we can keep you up to date on the latest vacancies as they become available.

    What does the role of Medical Sales Representative entail?

    Medical Sales Representatives play a key part in the clinical process and work to provide healthcare providers and hospitals with the best devices and supplies for the needs of their patients and their budget. The main customers being Doctors, Nurses, Surgeons and procurement.

    This means that as well as being engaging and having the sales skills to push a product forward, you should also be adept at identifying the needs of a client and ensuring that they provide them with the solutions and products they require to give the right care to their patients.

    The main duties which make up the majority of a standard working day include:

    • Identifying potential customers and their needs
    • Following through on interest with sales calls
    • Sales pitches, presentations and meetings
    • Selling to surgeons in theatre
    • Closing deals/negotiating contracts
    • Working to provide a high level of after care services to all customers

    Is the role of Medical Sales Representative right for you?

    The right candidate will have the following skills:

    healthcare sales job can be extremely lucrative and rewarding for the right candidate. One of the better rewards is the generous salary you will most likely receive from your employer. As a territory manager, for example, your basic salary could be up to £50k a year with extensive bonuses and incentives.

    If you want to apply for a medical sales job, then speak to Advance Recruitment – the specialists in medical sales recruitment, by calling 0800 783 0920 or send your CV by filling in our form. Alternatively, you can search through our current vacancy listings using the job search function to find out more details.


    We have a range of resources that can help you in your search for ideal healthcare vacancy.  From training, experience and interview tips:

    FAQs about medical sales

    How about brushing up on those interview tips

    or just keep abreast of the latest news in the healthcare industry.

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