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Can the Apple iWatch compete with other Healthcare devices

At Advance Recruitment we like to stay ahead of all the new technologies and medical devices that are affecting healthcare at the moment. Are Apple too late to compete against established Healthcare devices? Samsung have definitely taken the lead on the wearable tech front when it comes to “smart watches” for healthcare. Their recent releases   …Continue Reading

How to get a Graduate Job

Now you have graduated, you’ve worked hard (and played hard) at University and are embarking on this next exciting step of your life, starting your career. Sounds easy right? You throw your mortar board up in exuberance along with your classmates but as they come tumbling down, so does the realisation that you need to   …Continue Reading

Remote Controlled Contraceptive that lasts 16 years

Women may be able to have a remote control to switch on and off their fertility with a new contraceptive chip that is controlled wirelessly. The contraceptive chip has been developed by MicroCHIPS an American start up, who claim the chip will last for 16 years and will allow women to turn on and off   …Continue Reading

What Doctors Want From a Medical Sales Rep

Medical Sales reps are there to help Doctors, but some sales reps are a bit too pushy and this can make the job harder for others. We spoke to Doctors to find out what tips they would give Medical Sales Reps who come to see them.   Top Tips for Medical Sales by Doctors     …Continue Reading

What happened to Brazil…

It would appear that Brazil’s incredible levels of incompetence reached against Germany last night, was something they had worked hard on in training…

How do I get a job as a medical sales rep?

Medical sales jobs are very diverse in nature; there are many suitable roles from medical device sales, dental sales and even Pharma sales. Medical sales jobs are exciting and rewarding with excellent perks and compensation. So what does a medical sales rep do? Medical sales reps in all areas have similar expectations. You will be   …Continue Reading

The NHS in Numbers

The NHS is a huge organisation, treating 97% of the UK population and the is biggest employer, providing jobs to Doctors, Nurses, midwifes, pharmacists, laboratory workers, administrators, managers, caterers and many many more occupations. But how does these numbers stack up? And how does this affect you as a medical sales rep? Medical Sales Reps   …Continue Reading

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