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Telehealth and remote diagnosis – is this the future?

If a computer can diagnose cancer, will doctors become obsolete? …And if computers and robots did take over the role of doctors, would they grant access to medical reps?!? I think that’s the question we ought to be asking ourselves! I can see it now. “Hello, Dr. R2D2. I’m Chewbacca from Medical Light Sabres Ltd.,   …Continue Reading

Want a career in Medical Sales?

Here are the figures you need to know… Everyone tells you a medical sales job is a lucrative career, it can give you great job satisfaction as well as good compensation packages. But what is the reality of being a medical sales rep? We have the latest figures from Medreps on everything you want to   …Continue Reading

A new wave of Medical sales reps

Medical sales reps need to keep up to date with the changes in procurement and budget allocation within the NHS we keep up with the changes in the NHS. The NHS has always been a body in motion. Since its inception in 1948, one thing that has helped define the service is its willingness to   …Continue Reading

Recruiters are people too…

A nice little piece for the ‘Recruiter haters’ out there. I genuinely enjoy my job (most of the time) and take great pride in the level of service I try to provide for Candidates and Clients alike. So it is upsetting that we can often be seen as Arthur Daly-esque used car salesmen or un-trustworthy estate   …Continue Reading

Graduate Careers in Medical Sales

Are you looking for a Graduate position but don’t know where to start? Have you consider a career in Medical Sales? It is a hard reality for graduates that a degree does not always mean a guaranteed job with a good salary, more and more graduates are competing for fewer jobs and lower salaries. This   …Continue Reading

Meeting the nation’s healthcare needs – The rise of digital healthcare

The healthcare industry is facing numerous and growing problems – an ageing population, an increase in lifestyle-related ill health and tightening budgets. Basically, demand is increasing and resources are dwindling. Digital healthcare is still a relatively new market. It utilises technology to support a healthcare system that is sustainable by making established processes more efficient.   …Continue Reading

Getting a job in medical sales

Medical sales is an exciting sector that offers great pay and advancement for those at the top of their game. There’s also the freedom of not being chained to an office desk, but out meeting people at hospitals and clinics around the country. In addition to high levels of personal compensation for medical sales professionals,   …Continue Reading

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If you are looking for medical sales jobs in the UK or Ireland then look no further, we have a range of medical sales vacancies in all areas and for all levels of experience .

We help all levels of experience find their ideal role, from graduates to experienced medical sales representatives.

Our consultants offer an unrivaled personal service – each is an expert in their area and has many years of experience in placing candidates in medical sales jobs.

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Advance Recruiment are on hand and extremely experienced in helping place prospective candidates with companies that require sales roles for their medical, healthcare and pharmacological products & devices.

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It is easy to apply, just drop us your CV. Our friendly and experienced team can then help with your ideal job. We can advise on CV writing and also find multiple jobs that will match your ideal criteria.

If you would like more information about medical sales jobs and what they entail then keep up to date with our latest news, this includes changes in the NHS, tips to assist candidates and a range of interesting articles.

Is there a topic or area that you think we should provide more information for?  Let us know, we really enjoy receiving feedback from our clients and candidates – and if it helps you in your quest for a new role we are more than happy to oblige.

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