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Medical Device Sales Reps focus on selling medical equipment and consumables to hospitals and community

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Unlike pharmaceutical sales representatives who sell the clinical benefits of a particular drug and rely on the doctor promising to prescribe the drugs to their patients, medical sales representatives sell a tangible product. If successful, this ultimately results in a signed order or contract.

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What types of medical device products are sold?

There are essentially three different categories of medical products which you would be promoting:

  • Capital equipment: This includes all the technical pieces of equipment which are of high capital value and not items which are bought every day. Sales negotiations for some of these products can last for months and requires a great amount of experienced negotiation skills and patience. Examples include: patient monitors, ventilators and X-ray machines.

MRI machines are an example of a large medical device

  • Medical devices: These items are often sold during a surgical process within the theatre. The representative will become an essential member of the surgical team showing staff how to correctly use the product during surgical procedures. Examples include: orthopaedic implants and specialist cardiac devices.
  • Medical disposals: this covers a wide-range of cheaper, short-term products such as wound care and continence care. Sales are often orientated towards nursing staff within hospitals and the community on a regular basis.

What do companies look for during an interview?

You will be expected to have excellent sales knowledge and experience. The basis of the job is to be hitting and exceeding sales targets for your geographical area.

A proven track record of prior achievements is essential. Previous responsibility for cash sales growth or market share increases within previous companies will show you’re capable of taking on the responsibilities of your specific role. You will also need to show an excellent understanding and knowledge of the NHS, procurement structures and processes and practices as well as being able to be:

  • highly motivated
  • flexible in your business style
  • efficient and proactive

Other aspects which are reviewed are your overall personality including how well you interact with others. Negotiation and relationship skills are also necessary attributes, as you will need to build a rapport with potential buyers with a great level of trust.

Scalpels and other theatre accessories are example of medical devices

Is a medical device sales job really for me?

If you think you have all the skills required to succeed within this field and would like to benefit from a job which includes full territory performance accountability, autonomy, high bonuses, career progression and strong customer relationships then this could be the right career choice for you.

What can Advance Recruitment do for you?

Advance Recruitment provides the latest job vacancies as well as helping you every step of the way towards securing your position, from giving advice to ensuring you are kept informed of any progress. Our experience and knowledge puts us at the forefront of the medical recruitment market ensuring we maintain giving you the best possible service.

If you don’t see what you are looking for on our medical device sales jobs listings, send us your C.V and we’ll get in touch for a chat about your experience and requirements.

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Continence care and wound care are types of medical devices

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